Bible study test questions for 2 Cor. 12-13

1.    The Jews thought of  ___ heavens.

___A    two

___B    three

___C    four

2.    The only thing Paul will willingly boast of is

___A    his gospel.

___B    his weaknesses.

___C    his converts who have remained faithful.

3.    We do not know what Paul’s thorn in the flesh was, but some references in scripture indicate that it may have been

___A    epilepsy.

___B    a deformity.

___C    eye trouble.

4.    The benefits of the atonement of Christ include

___A    physical healing.

___B    the moral law of God.

___C    righteous judgment by God.

5.    When God allows a trial to come into our life, we are to count it as a

___A    joy.

___B    temptation.

___C    sign that we have been unfaithful.


6.    The Asuper apostles@ Paul refers to in 2 Corinthians 12:11-13 are

___A    Peter, James and John.

___B    some unnamed apostles Christ sent to the Gentiles.

___C    false apostles who were troubling the Corinthians.

7.    Paul required representatives of the churches to travel with him to Judea in order to protect himself against false charges of

___A    visiting prostitutes when away from home.

___B    pocketing the contributions that had been made for the poor.

___C    treating his fellow workers hatefully.

8.    According to your study notes, church members leading unrighteous lives may falsely accuse a leader in order to

___A    drive him away.

___B    take over his leadership.

___C    remove the contrast between his life and theirs.

9.    When Paul insisted that the Corinthian Christians examine and test themselves, it was so that

___A    Paul and his helpers would look good in the end.

___B    other people would speak well, not badly, of the Corinthian Christians.

___C    the Corinthian Christians might be saved.

10.    There are some commands of scripture given in terms of first century culture, such as the holy kiss and foot washing.  Your study notes say

___A    we are not bound to obey such commands literally (if they make no sense in our culture) but are to do whatever fulfills the spirit and intent of the command today.

___B    we should obey each of these commands literally because we are bound by the letter of God=s word.

___C    We are not to be concerned at all with commands expressed in first century terms.

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