Christians and the occult

1.    What were Christians instructed about taking part in feasts honoring idols and the demons behind them?  1 Corinthians 10:14,19-22;  Acts 15:29.

2    When people want to repent of their connections with spirits and the occult, what should they do?  2 Kings 23:24,25;  Acts 19:18-20.

3.    When Jesus overcame Satan on the cross, dying for our sins, what did he do to Satan and his spirit rulers and authorities?  Colossians 2:14,15;  Ephesians 4:8.

4.    Who has authority over all spirits?  Hebrews 12:9;  Matthew 28:18;  Colossians 2:9,10.

5.    Will God allow anything to come upon his children which is not good for them and for their growth, or which is beyond their power to bear?  Romans 8:28;  James 1:2-4;  Hebrews 12:5-11;  Job 23:10;  1 Corinthians 10:13.

6.    Why should a Christian not allow himself to be terrorized by anything a spirit might do or anything a person might do through spirit power?  Romans 8:31-39;  Hebrews 13:5,6.

7.    Instead of running to a witch-doctor, magician, fortune-teller, or horoscope, what should the Christian do when he is threatened or anxious? Philippians 4:6,7;  1 Peter 5:7.

8.    If a person has done this, and then allows himself to keep on worrying, has he really trusted the Lord to care for him?  1 John 4:18;  John 14:1; Luke 8:23-25.

9.    Fear can cause what to happen to us?  Matthew 25:24-30;  Revelation 21:8.

10.    What kind of Spirit do Christians receive from God?  2 Timothy 1:7.

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