Dealing with animism

1.    Some beliefs of animism:

A.    The whole world is full of unseen spirits inhabiting trees, rocks, houses, streams and localities.

B.    Most of these spirits are evil.

C.    They are at least in part the spirits of the dead.

D.    They must be either appeased or driven away.

E.    Witch doctors, medicine men or shamans know how to use the power of these spirits and to protect people from them.

F.    A person can travel in his spirit away from the body while asleep.

G.    The spirits of the dead can appear to people in dreams to demand things and to reveal things.

H.    You must be very careful how you bury the dead lest the spirit return to trouble you.

I.    A witch can come back from the dead and work as before.

J.    Witches eat flesh of the dead.

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