Evangelism questions

1.    When Christ commanded us to teach and convert people, what did he promise?  Matthew 28:19,20.

2.    For how long is this promise good?  Matthew 28:20.

3.    What did the Lord do for and with those who went out to preach the gospel in response to his command?  Mark 16:20.

4.    What emotions did the apostles feel, which we also feel, as they faced difficult work in evangelizing?  John 20:19;  Galatians 2:11-13;  Acts 18:9,10;  2 Corinthians 12:7-10.

5.    What people is God always aware of, even before other people are aware of them?  Acts 18:9,10;  2 Timothy 2:19.

6.    What kind of people does God always help to come to the truth?  John 7:17;  Matthew 5:6.

7.    Name two such people who were saved when God brought searcher and teacher together.  Acts 8:26-35;  10:1-48.

8.    What will God do for such people as they are taught?  John 6:44;  Acts 16:14,15.

9.    Whom did Christ choose to visit with, out of all the crowd at Jericho?  Why do you think he chose him?  Luke 19:1-10.

10.    What did God do for missionaries Paul and Silas when they had to decide which countries were most ready for the gospel?  Acts 16:6-10.

11.    What else will God do for missionaries as far as he sees fit in his wisdom?  Acts 18:9,10;  Luke 21:12-15;  2 Timothy 3:10,11;  Philippians 4:12,13,19.

12.    What else will God do for a missionary?  Ephesians 6:19,20.

13.    How much can a missionary accomplish without God’s participation in his work?  John 15:5.

14.    What are God’s feelings toward the lost, and what moved God to provide for their salvation?  John 3:16;  2 Peter 3:9;  Luke 19:10.

15.    What is God’s feeling toward a person who causes people to sin or hinders them from being saved?  Luke 17:1-3.

16.    If we want God to hear our prayers for his participation in our evangelistic work, our minds and actions must be as much like God’s as possible.  Considering the answers to questions 14 and 15, what attitude and action in our lives will cause God to hear our prayers for his help in reaching the lost?

17.    How were cities and people in the time of the apostles like our own cities and people?  What does this tell us about evangelism?  1 Corinthians 6:9-11.

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