How did we get the Bible?

Most people have heard about the Bible and may even own a copy of it, but how did we get the Bible? Is the Bible from God or man? If God was somehow responsible for the Bible, what process did He use to transmit this information to humanity? Has God’s word been accurately preserved throughout the ages?

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6 thoughts on “How did we get the Bible?

  1. Hello, is it possible for me to get printable bible study suitable for young ladies?

    HI – The free Bible study offered through this site would be suitable for young ladies from about the age of 12 and older, and it is sent free to any U.S. household. If you are seeking a Bible study related to things such as specific moral issues which challenge teens, there are many books available through religious book stores. Stores such as this one can often make some recommendations when you tell them the kind of information you are seeking. Thank you for your inquiry!

  2. We have the English bible thanks to people like Tyndale who sacrificed much when the Catholic popes fought to suppress the first of English bibles and destroy the lives of these men. I think the original language manuscripts are inspired…because words like “Jehovah” are manufactured from words that have not to do with original Hebrew scriptures.

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