It has been slightly more than two months since I wrote my last “Tom’s Pen.” Some of you have inquired as to whether or not I am still sending these out on a regular basis. I did not realize so much time had elapsed since I last posted an article. The realization of this reminded me of how swiftly time gets by, and how our procrastination can eventually lead to complete abandonment. Someone once said, “Tomorrow, today will be yesterday.” When I travel overseas I have to adjust to the various time changes, and the fact that today is already yesterday in some parts of the world. Consequently, we don’t have to wait until tomorrow to reflect upon how I spent my yesterday. Or, to put it another way, if I will take the time each day to reflect upon how I am using that day, and “redeem the time” while today is still called today, then when tomorrow does arrive I will have no regrets for how I spent the yesterday that is now today.

You may find the rambling somewhat humorous, so let’s get serious for just a moment. Job tells us, “Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble” (Job 14:1). From the inspired pen of Moses we come to learn, “The days of our years are three score years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be four score years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away” (Psalm 90:10). James summed it up by telling us that our life is but “a vapor that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away” (James 4:14). Some months back I received an email in which the unstated author made an observation about the wise use of time: “Now is the time to learn the Scriptures the way we know we should. Now is the time to do a good deed, pay a much deserved compliment to someone, encourage some weary brother or sister. Now is the time to talk to that friend, relative, neighbor, or casual acquaintance about Christ and his church. Now is the time to be happy and optimistic. Now is the time to be a happy, fruit-bearing Christian.” It is indeed true that “the clock of life is wound but once, and no man has the power, to tell just when the hand will stop, at late or early hour. Now is the only time you own! Live, love, toil and will. Place not faith in ‘tomorrow’ for the clock may then be still.”

By Tom Wacaster