How to understand the Bible

One of the most important parts of true Bible study is “rightly dividing the Word.”  If people do not realize the Bible has two main parts (the Old Testament and the New Testament), they will struggle to understand many passages.

In this second Bible study lesson there is information about how the Bible is divided into two major sections, what the Old Testament was, who the Old Testament was for, and an explanation of the New Testament.  This free Bible study not only helps provide a general understanding of God’s word, it serves as an important foundation for people regardless of their existing Bible knowledge.

This second free Bible study lesson is included with the first one, and you may sign up today for this free Bible course at “enroll me in the FREE Bible study lessons.”

One thought on “How to understand the Bible

  1. I would like to at least pay for the postage and the cost of my copies. I truly appreciate your efforts to help Christianity not only thrive but spread. Your efforts are a gift to all the world. THANK YOU!

    Dear Ruthie,

    Thank you VERY MUCH for your offer to help the postage and lesson cost, but this is truly a FREE Bible study for all people. May God richly bless your life, your study of His Word, and all others who are interested in seeking the one true God!

    The team at

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