Is heaven real?

You have surely heard people speak about “heaven and hell,” but do these places really exist? Is hell a myth? Is heaven just some type of fairy tale?

The previous Bible studies available through establish the truthfulness of the Bible.  Since we can accept the Bible as a truthful book and this book says heaven and hell exist, we can be sure that heaven and hell are real places.

Lesson thirty from is titled “Eternal Punishment And Reward.”  After noting how there is “life after death,” this Bible course talks about “eternal punishment.”  Sufficient verses are given to have a clear idea about what hell will be like for the unsaved.

The second half of this study talks about heaven.  Then this free Bible course concludes with information about man’s free-will.  God lets us choose the way we want to live and thus choose “heaven or hell” as our eternal dwelling place.  We hope and pray you will make the right choice by studying and applying the Bible to your life.

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