Nothing else matters. Nothing.

What’s Your Net — Worth?

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Reading – Luke 5:1-11

(Crisis in Hawaii 1/13/18). Imagine that you are in Hawaii. That’s nice. It’s a beautiful day as always. You’re relaxed, calm, enjoying the water and the sun. Just another day in paradise. Then suddenly you hear a warning that there is a missile heading toward you. That’s not nice! Then what happens next? You remember a sermon you heard recently about procrastination, and, well … you panic! You’re not prepared! You rush to put things in order and do what you can. Then you learn it was a false alarm all along. A man accidentally pushed the wrong button. Relaxed again, you probably go back to what you were doing – or not doing – before it all started.

Have you ever felt alarmed about the urgency of serving Jesus Christ? Has your heart ever been stirred – your spirit moved – to the point that you were ready to make a drastic change, a complete surrender to Jesus Christ as Lord?

Something just like that happened just off the shore of Capernaum, on the Sea of Galilee …

It was all so ordinary – the fishermen, the boats, and the nets – until Jesus came on the scene. He challenged Simon Peter to move farther out in the Sea of Galilee and drop the nets just once more. Peter caught the fish, and Jesus caught Peter! Then He sent him to catch others! Say, what could He do with our boats and nets? What’s your net worth?

Fishing on the Sea of Galilee – Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Manners & Customs, p. 457

Fishing in the Gospels – Justin Rogers – GA Nov 2017, p. 13

Fish and Faith

Fishing villages: Bethsaida, Capernaum, etc.

Fishermen: Peter, Andrew, James, and John.

Fish stories: the dragnet (Matt 13:47-50).

Fish: Grk. ἰχθύς (ichthys) – ichthyology

– First letter in Ἰησοῦς      JESUS

χ – First letter in Χριστός    CHRIST

θ – First letter in θεός         GOD

ύ – First letter in υἱός          SON

ς – First letter in σωτήρ      SAVIOR

“Saint Peter’s fish” – Tilapia galilaea

Matt 17:24-27

“The Jesus Boat” – photos and history

An ancient boat built with wooden joints was discovered during the drought in 1986. It is believed to be a fisherman’s boat dating from the later part of the first century B.C. to 70 A.D. Dated by the coins and pieces of pottery that were found in it.  It is located in the Yigal Allon Museum, next to Kibbutz Ginosar, only a few minutes drive north of Tiberias. The boat is preserved to a length of 26 1/2 feet, a width of 7 1/2 feet, and a height of 4 1/2 feet. Seven different types of wood were used in the hull’s construction, which was built in the contemporaneous Mediterranean “shell-based” method, in which the frames were attached, with edge-fastened mortise-and-tenon joinery, only after much of the hull’s shell had been constructed. Could hold about fifteen adults.  For the full story with photos, see

Leading up to Luke 5

Luke 4:14-15       Power of Spirit, Widespread Report, Teaching, Being Praised

Luke 4:16-30       Powerful, Gracious Preaching: Offering Grace, Rebuking Unbelief

Luke 4:31-37       Casting out the Unclean Spirit in Capernaum Synagogue

Result: Amazement

Luke 4:37   Report About Him into Every Locality in Sur­rounding District

Luke 4:38-41       Rebuking Fever, Laying Hands, Healing All Types of Diseases, Exorcisms

(Note this earlier, first mention of Simon, before Luke 5.)

Luke 4:42-44       Heralding Good News of Kingdom, Sought by the Crowd (Unable to Escape!)

Luke 5:1-3  Multitude Pressing and Hearing, Forcing Him to Teach from a Boat!

To improve your net worth,

Get as close to Jesus as you can.

Luke 5:1

When we share their desperate passion to be near Him, all the externals (attendance in the assembly, Bible study, prayer, etc.) will follow. Those elements are symptoms, the fruit of our faith.

To improve your net worth,

Give Him control of your boat.

Luke 5:2-3

Your boat is not yours but His, if you are His.

Jesus is never a mere passenger. He is the pilot, the captain of every vessel He enters.

To improve your net worth,

Listen to His every word.

Luke 5:3

We can only imagine the content of His message, since it is not recorded here.

To improve your net worth,

Hear His personal challenge.

Luke 5:4

He calls you to do something different, something difficult, something even radical because of your allegiance to Him.

To improve your net worth,

Admit you cannot succeed alone.

Luke 5:5

Admitting your weakness is the first step to accessing His strength.

“Toil” renders the Gk. kopiao, “to labor to the point of exhaustion.” Peter had spent all he had, so he was spent.

You know that same frustration. Doing the same old, same old over and over, but not accomplishing what really matters.

To improve your net worth,

Say, “Master, at Your word I will.”

Luke 5:5

Note the term “Master.” Once you acknowledge Jesus in that way, you become His servant, ready to obey.

Notice Simon’s influence over others in that boat. He said, “I will,” but then we read, “They did.” You have that same kind of influence over others in your life.

To improve your net worth,

Launch out deeper and drop it.

Luke 5:6

How deep is “deep?” It’s deeper than where you are right now!

It’s a risk. It takes faith, the conviction that Jesus knows where the fish are, and we do not.

You’ll never know what He can do in your life until you drop that net where you have not dropped it before.

To improve your net worth,

Get partners to help.

Luke 5:6

Did you notice in Luke 5:1-2 that there were two boats?

There was no competition or rivalry among these seasoned fishermen. Nor is there among seasoned Christians. When God brings the catch, it’s “all hands on deck.”

To improve your net worth,

Fall before Him; confess your sin.

Luke 5:8-10

Some may think, “What business does Jesus have entering my boat and taking control of it?” Simon’s thought was just the opposite. “What business do I have being in the same boat with the Master? I am not worthy!”

It is that admission of failure that is the key to success.

It is when you confess your sin and fear – and only then – that Jesus will say, “Do not fear!”

It is pride that keeps some from that admission.

To improve your net worth,

Forsake, follow, and … FISH!

Luke 5:10-11

How could they leave their business, which was so vital to their lives and to the economy? As important as their work was, they were so captivated by Jesus’ call that they went after Him!

We may define conversion as a change in what one fishes for.

“From now on, you’ll be catching men!”

Measuring Your “Net Worth”

It’s not the size of your net …

Not the weight of the fish in your net …

Not the composition of your net …

Not the color of your net …

Not the history of your net …

But who controls your net and what you do with it as a result.

Nothing else matters. Nothing.

Cory Collins