Online Bible study questions

1.    Jesus’ brothers began to believe in him as the Christ

___A    as they were growing up with him.

___B    when he was baptized and the Spirit came on him.

___C    after he arose from the dead.

2.    Paul and _____ later worked in separate places because of a difference in judgment about how to do the work.

___A    Silas

___B    Barnabas

___C    Timothy

3.    Preachers were being supported by the congregation at Corinth no more than ___ years after it was founded.

___A    5

___B    10

___C    15

4.    Scripture teaches the church to financially support

___A    preachers only.

___B    elders only.

___C    preachers and elders.

5.    Paul went the “second mile” in his ministry by

___A    preaching the gospel without financial support from the church.

___B    preaching in other countries besides his own home country.

___C    training other workers as he worked.


6.    Paul compared his discipline in serving Christ to the discipline of

___A    a competitor in the games.

___B    a soldier in training.

___C    a shepherd suffering hardship to protect the sheep.

7.    The Israelites were baptized in

___A    the Red Sea.

___B    the Jordan River.

___C    The Mediterranean Sea.

8.    Paul’s advice on how to handle the temptation of idolatry is,

___A    Learn to understand how evil it is.

___B    Flee from it.

___C    Don’t associate with friends who worship idols.

9.    “Eucharist” is another name for

___A    Christian baptism.

___B    ordination of church leaders.

___C    the Lord’s Supper.

10.    Those who worship idols actually are serving

___A    folklore.

___B    superstition.

___C    demons.

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