Paul’s missionary journeys

The book of Acts has a lot to say about how people became Christians and how the gospel was spread throughout the first century world.  The book of Acts also records the “missionary journeys” made by the apostle Paul.

In the nineteenth study from, Bible students learn about the missionary journeys made by the apostle Paul.  After some introductory introduction attention is given to Paul’s first missionary journey.  This free Bible course then turns to Paul’s second and third missionary journeys.  The study ends with Paul’s imprisonment and a short section about his “message – the gospel.”

This free Bible study is a great way to review Paul’s efforts to spread the gospel of Christ in the first century.  If you would like this lesson plus the rest of the free Bible courses, head over to the “send me the free Bible study page” and sign up now.

May God richly bless your desire to know more about Him and His word.

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