Saved by faith

Does the Bible say a person is saved by faith?  Yes!  Acts 15:9 says hearts are cleansed “by faith.”  Paul spoke about being “justified by faith” in Rom. 5:1.

Some think “saved by faith” means “saved by faith alone,” but verses like Acts 15:9 and Rom. 5:1 do not use the word alone.  It is Biblically correct to say we are “saved by faith,” but it is not Biblically right to say we are “saved by faith alone” because this latter statement adds information that is simply not found in the Bible.

Lesson twenty-one from is an exciting Bible study about faith.  This Bible course talks about “degrees of faith” as well as what the Bible means when it uses the word “faith.”  The final part of this study covers the blessings that result from faith and then there are a variety of questions involving the Bible subject of faith.

If you have not recently studied what the Bible says about faith or “saved by faith,” you will not want to miss out on this great Bible study.  You may get this course, along with the rest of these free Bible studies, by using the Bible study sign up page.

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