Free Bible study test questions First Corinthians 8

1.    After food had been offered to idols, it was often

___A    sold in the public food markets.

___B    burned.

___C    thrown out to be eaten by animals.

2.    Christians who had matured in knowledge knew that

___A    an idol is nothing.

___B    a Christian must not eat food once offered to idols.

___C    food offered to idols is spiritually polluted.

3.    Knowledge puffs up, but _____ builds up.

___A    spirituality

___B    love

___C    faith

4.    Behind the idols there are

___A    unscrupulous priests.

___B    food markets.

___C    demons.

5.    The Jerusalem conference, Acts 15, prohibited

___A    eating meat slaughtered by unbelievers.

___B    eating food which had ever been offered to an idol.

___C    eating food as an act of worship to an idol.


6.    A Christian who would otherwise be free to eat food once offered to an idol would not be free to do so if

___A    the offering had been done in an idol temple.

___B    it would influence a weaker brother to eat the food in violation of his conscience.

___C    he was a Jew.

7.    An individual Christian must leave off doing anything which would cause his brother to stumble.  When it comes to congregational practices,

___A    this principle must be balanced by the need to do what is most effective in saving souls.

___B    this principle must be applied to the church to the same extent as to individuals.

___C    this principle cannot be applied.

8.    In order for me to worship acceptably on a regular basis with a local congregation,

___A    I must agree with that congregation on basic essentials.

___B    I must agree with that congregation in everything they do.

___C    I don’t have to agree with them on anything except the need to worship God.

9.    When a Christian finds meat for sale in the market or is offered food in the home of an unbeliever,

___A    he is to avoid it because it may have been offered to idols.

___B    he should find out if it has been offered to idols, and if it has not, he can eat it.

___C    he can eat it without asking questions.

10.    The purpose of our existence is to

___A    avoid all defilements of the world such as idolatry.

___B    know as much as we can.

___C    glorify God.