The conquest of Canaan

Having studied how we got the Bible (lesson one), how to “rightly divide the word” (lesson two), man’s creation and fall (lesson three), the “patriarchs” (lesson four), and the “wilderness wanderings” (lesson five), you are now ready for “the conquest of Canaan” Bible study.

After being freed from Egypt, God’s people needed a new king, a new law, and a new land.  God was going to be Israel’s king and the Hebrew people had received some information from Him  (a law).  Now it was time to receive a land–a land often referred to as “Canaan.”

This free Bible study lesson has a map of Canaan and shows how this land was divided up into twelve tribes.  Bible students are reminded of how some spies went into Canaan, and how the people of Israel marched around the city of Jericho seven times.

After also offering a brief overview of the Bible books of Judges and Ruth, this Bible course has some great review questions.  To get this free Bible study sign up and you will quickly receive the first two courses by U.S. mail.

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