Thought questions from the Bible

1.    When Jesus promised that “streams of living water” would flow from within his followers, the “living water” symbolized

___A    the Holy Spirit.

___B    salvation.

___C    love.

___D    righteousness.

2.    The prophet _____ tells of flawed vessels being remade by the potter into useful ones.

___A    Isaiah

___B    Joel

___C    Jeremiah

___D    Malachi

3.    Choices make up habits, and habits make up

___A    life.

___B    destiny.

___C    character.

___D    vices.

4.    Unresolved guilt can make a person

___A    emotionally ill.

___B    physically ill.

___C    both of the above.

___D    None of the above.

5.    If you are trying to right the wrongs of the past and need to pay an outstanding debt, but don’t have money to do it, you should

___A    ask God to cover the matter with his grace, and put it out of your mind.

___B    contact the creditor and make arrangements for future payments.

___C    take the money from your church offering.

___D    declare bankruptcy.

6.    When a sin has caused a broken relationship between the offender and the offended, in clearing things up

___A    the offended should first go to the offender.

___B    the offender should first go to the offended.

___C    Each should wait for the other.

___D    Each should immediately go to the other without waiting.

7.    One of God’s great servants who went through a time of doubt was

___A    Samuel.

___B    Daniel.

___C    John the Baptist.

___D    John the apostle.

8.    One cause of doubt listed in your outline is

___A    burnout.

___B    excessive study.

___C    ingratitude.

___D    pride.

9.    John 8:44 – Satan is the “father of

___A    darkness.”

___B    destruction.”

___C    lies.”

___D    hatred.”

10.    The church at _____ had former homosexuals in it.

___A    Corinth

___B    Ephesus

___C    Philippi

___D    Rome

11.    The converts at Ephesus burned their bridges to the past and demonstrated repentance by

___A    attending church faithfully.

___B    publicly burning their books of magic.

___C    turning away from their old friends.

___D    public confession of past wrongs.

12.    “_____ the old nature and _____ the new.”

___A    Starve – feed

___B    End – begin

___C    Leave – come into

___D    Kill – make alive

13.    One root cause of addiction listed in your outline is

___A    rebellion.

___B    unrighteousness.

___C    weakness.

___D    being a turkey.

14.    The commonest form of resentment is against

___A    the IRS.

___B    people who get in our way.

___C    people who are wrong religiously.

___D    parents, mates, brothers and sisters.

15.    Trust is not basically a feeling but a

___A    way of life.

___B    condition.

___C    relationship.

___D    decision.

16.    Immoral people are often looking more for _____ than for sex.

___A    a thrill

___B    escape

___C    the right person

___D    acceptance

17.    The more you see a person as a _____, the less you will see him or her just as a body.

___A    potential convert

___B    fantasy

___C    project

___D    person

18.    God counts greed as

___A    immorality.

___B    spiritual illness.

___C    unbelief.

___D    idolatry.

19.    Though it is not wrong for everyone to have a TV, a person should get rid of it if

___A    the payments are too high.

___B    it makes you relax too much.

___C    it turns you into a moron.

___D    it is bigger than you are.

20.    Behind all specific sins and bondages is the basic problem of

___A    sin.

___B    ignorance.

___C    unbelief.

___D    slavery.

21.    The only thing that can be done with the old sinful nature is to

___A    reform it.

___B    educate it.

___C    execute it.

___D    resist it.

22.    One of the “stakes” listed on your outline which you can “drive down” to symbolize your dedication to Christ is

___A    doing a good deed every day.

___B    cleaning up your speech.

___C    honoring your parents in practical ways.

___D    volunteering for some kind of ministry.

23.    One cause of indiscipline listed on your outline is

___A    a sweet tooth.

___B    boredom.

___C    bad experiences in life.

___D    parents who did not discipline.

24.    Daniel showed self-discipline by

___A    accepting a Babylonian name.

___B    refusing to eat the king’s food.

___C    agreeing to go to Babylon from Jerusalem.

___D    keeping solidarity with his three Hebrew friends.

25.    _____ is a basic key to a more disciplined life.

___A    Reading Asterix

___B    Motivation

___C    Strength

___D    A good income

26.    According to your outline, one way in which our emotions motivate us to do good is by

___A    making us happy.

___B    making us zealous to reach lost souls.

___C    helping us be objective in our thinking.

___D    helping us like the people who are like ourselves.

27.    2 Timothy 1:7 – “God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but of power, of love and of

___A    righteousness.”

___B    zeal for what is good.”

___C    self-control.”

___D    gentleness.”

28.    When we repress painful emotions into our subconscious rather than processing them in God’s way, the result may be

___A    spiritual hardness.

___B    depression.

___C    penitence.

___D    numbness.

29.    From your outline, one of the parental mistakes that can damage a child’s self-esteem is

___A    lack of consistent discipline.

___B    giving the child too many things.

___C    requiring the child to help at home.

___D    eating at McDonald’s instead of Steak And Ale.

30.    John 8:32 – Then you will know the truth, and the truth will

___A    set you free.

___B    make you clean.

___C    give you light.

___D    save your soul.

31.    Moses had reason to feel badly about himself.  He was

___A    slow of speech.

___B    bald.

___C    physically unimpressive.

___D    short.

32.    According to your outline, all earthly authority originates from

___A    the consent of the people.

___B    God.

___C    the need for order.

___D    human ambition.

33.    Adam and Even fell because they wanted to

___A    live outside the confines of Eden.

___B    have sex.

___C    be like the angels.

___D    be like gods.

34.    Our concept of God is closely connected with our attitude toward

___A    religion.

___B    creation.

___C    the spiritual.

___D    our fathers.

35.    The only cure for rebellion is

___A    repentance.

___B    maturity.

___C    a change in our parents.

___D    fewer rules.

36.    The writer _____ in the New Testament repeatedly warns against being “double-minded.”

___A    Paul

___B    James

___C    Jude

___D    Peter

37.    The first and greatest goal of every Christian should be to

___A    live a righteous life.

___B    glorify God.

___C    marry someone who can help him or her serve God.

___D    know the scriptures.

38.    Besides helping the poor, Paul’s other motive for gathering contributions from Gentile churches to help the Jewish poor was to

___A    develop a structure for benevolence in the early church.

___B    set an example for future generations.

___C    encourage a spirit of giving.

___D    unite Jews and Gentiles.

39.    Jeremiah describes people who have made foolish value choices as

___A    pouring money down a rat-hole.

___B    digging cisterns that will not hold water.

___C    selling their birthright.

___D    chasing after wind.

40.    The Israelites were taught to give first honor to God.  One way this was taught was through a law requiring them to

___A    practice circumcision.

___B    avoid marriage with pagan Gentiles.

___C    fast twice a week.

___D    offer only perfect animals in sacrifices to God.

41.    Because Solomon chose the right priority, God

___A    honored him during his life.

___B    allowed him to name a porch in the temple after himself.

___C    gave him all the other things he could have asked for.

___D    made him a teacher of his people.

42.    The main root cause of conflicts between people is

___A    pride and self-centeredness.

___B    misunderstanding of one another.

___C    ignorance.

___D    emotional confusion.

43.    It would be better to be drowned in the sea with a millstone tied to our neck than to

___A    cause one of the little ones to sin.

___B    sin sexually.

___C    defile God’s temple.

___D    lose our faith in God.

44.    Romans 12:21 – We are to “overcome evil with

___A    prayer.”

___B    good.”

___C    the Spirit.”

___D    love.”

45.    God led the way to the right wife for

___A    Moses.

___B    Abraham.

___C    Joseph.

___D    Isaac.

46.    A Christian widow may only marry

___A    a widower.

___B    once after her first husband dies.

___C    someone in the Lord.

___D    someone as old as herself.

47.    If a dating couple have to be together every free moment, this can be a sign of

___A    emotional insecurity.

___B    temporary dementia.

___C    the ability to pursue a goal.

___D    alienation from parents.

48.    When a Christian has a decision to make, his first question should always be,

___A    “How will this affect my family?”

___B    “Who will give me the best advice?”

___C    “What will make me the happiest?”

___D    “What does God want?”

49.    All other wisdom, advice or supposed guidance must be tested by

___A    common sense.

___B    past experience.

___C    what our parents have taught us.

___D    the scriptures.

50.    We are sternly forbidden to turn to _____ for guidance.

___A    secular psychiatrists

___B    the occult

___C    unbelievers

___D    our own minds

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