Which church is the right church?

In your local community there may be dozens or even hundreds of churches and most of these groups will be different from one another.  When people want to “find a church,” the world offers a wide variety of choices.

Although we know what the world offers when it comes to the word “church,” what does the Bible say about the word church?  Does the Bible talk about just one church or several churches?  Does the Bible say when the church was established, who built it, who heads it, and what it should do?

In lesson eighteen from www.lordletmegrow.com those interested in the Bible have the opportunity to study what the Bible says about the word “church.”

This free Bible course is entitled “The Establishment Of The Church.”  Key points in this free Bible study include “the church in purpose,” “the church in prophecy,” “the church in preparation,”  and “the church in perfection.”  If you want to know what the Bible says about the word church, this free Bible study should be of great interest to you.

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