Why did Jesus come into the world?

Jesus Christ was sent into the world to save man from the problem of sin.  This fact is the main point in the sixteenth lesson from the free Bible study available from www.lordletmegrow.com.

In this Bible study about Christ several subjects are covered.  This study begins by addressing “the necessity of atonement.”  In the next section attention is given to “atonement under the old law.”  In the second half of this material the subjects change to “the perfect sin offering” and “how we may accept” the perfect offering for sin.  Then, as with the other free Bible study courses, there are some questions over the lesson.

When you reach this lesson you will be more than halfway finished with the free Bible studies from lordletmegrow.com and you will have learned or been reminded of some great Bible truths.  If you are not current enrolled in this free Bible course, signing up will take less than a minute!

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